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Crash barriers, also known as guardrails, road barriers, or traffic barriers, are safety devices installed along roadways to reduce the severity of accidents and prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway or crossing into opposing traffic. These barriers are designed to absorb impact energy and redirect the vehicle, thus minimizing the risk of injury to the occupants and reducing damage to property. 

  1. Types of Crash Barriers:

    • W-Beam Barrier: This is one of the most common types and consists of a series of connected W-shaped beams. It is flexible and capable of absorbing and dissipating impact energy.

    • Thrie-Beam Barrier: Similar to the W-beam, the thrie-beam barrier has three waves, offering increased protection and stability.

    • Concrete Barrier: These barriers are made of precast concrete and are rigid in nature. They are often used in medians and high-speed areas for added protection.

    • Wire Rope Barrier: Utilizing tensioned wire ropes, this type of barrier is designed to absorb impact energy and prevent the vehicle from crossing the median.

    • Steel Barrier: Made of steel, these barriers are sturdy and provide effective protection. They can be used in various settings, including highways and urban roads.

  2. Functionality:

    • Crash barriers serve to contain and redirect vehicles during a collision, preventing them from veering off the road, colliding with obstacles, or crossing into oncoming traffic.

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