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Traffic sign boards play a crucial role in guiding and informing road users, helping to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow. These signs use standardized symbols, colors, and shapes to convey specific messages to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

    1. Regulatory Signs:

      • Stop Sign: Indicates that drivers must come to a complete stop.
      • Yield Sign: Instructs drivers to yield the right of way to other traffic.
      • Speed Limit Sign: Indicates the maximum allowed speed in a specific area.
    2. Warning Signs:

      • Curve Ahead Sign: Warns drivers of a curve in the road.
      • Pedestrian Crossing Sign: Indicates an area where pedestrians may be crossing.
      • Deer Crossing Sign: Warns of potential wildlife crossing the road.
    3. Guide Signs:

      • Route Signs: Provide information about routes and directions to specific destinations.
      • Exit Signs: Indicate upcoming highway exits.
      • Mileage Signs: Display the distance to various locations.

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