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Solar LED street lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that combine solar panels, LED lights, and rechargeable batteries to provide illumination for streets, pathways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. These lights operate independently of the electrical grid, drawing energy from the sun during the day and using it to power the LEDs at night.

  1. Solar Panels:

    • Solar panels are mounted on the top of the street light fixture to capture sunlight. They convert solar energy into electrical power, which is stored for nighttime use.
  2. LED Technology:

    • LED lights are used for illumination. LEDs are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, and provide bright and focused lighting.
  3. Rechargeable Batteries:

    • Solar street lights are equipped with rechargeable batteries, usually lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, to store the energy generated by the solar panels during the day. These batteries power the LEDs during the night.

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