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Overhead gantry signboards are large signs that span over a roadway, typically mounted on gantry structures. These signs are commonly used on highways and expressways to provide important information to drivers. The content of overhead gantry signboards can vary, but they often convey information related to navigation, safety, and traffic management.

    1. Purpose:

      • Navigation and Direction: Gantry signs are often used to guide drivers by providing information about upcoming exits, interchanges, and lane assignments.
      • Traffic Management: These signs may display real-time information about traffic conditions, lane closures, or construction zones to help drivers plan their routes.
    2. Features:

      • Size and Visibility: Gantry signboards are designed to be large and easily visible from a distance, ensuring that drivers can read the information well in advance.
      • Illumination: Many overhead gantry signs are equipped with lighting to enhance visibility, especially during nighttime or adverse weather conditions.
    3. Types of Information:

      • Speed Limits: Gantry signs may display current speed limits or variable speed limits based on traffic conditions.
      • Emergency Information: Some gantry signs can be used to communicate emergency messages or important information to drivers in case of incidents.

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